Williston’s 学业成功中心 is a constellation of support that provides students at every level with the resources, 指令, 以及他们成功所需要的学术支持. 我们为每一种学习者提供不同程度的支持, ranging from drop-in 写作 and math centers to a structured 学术 Strategies Tutorial and supported evening study hall. 收藏于克拉普图书馆, the 学业成功中心 helps support and challenge students to reach their full potential.


如果你对皇冠软件下载的学术支持有更详细的问题, 请皇冠软件下载的学术支持主任, 劳拉·瓦切特,电话:(413)529-3964或 通过电子邮件.



• Innovative 数学, Writing, and Science Resource Centers and peer tutoring program





仿照阿默斯特学院的写作项目, Williston’s Writing Resource Center gives you one-on-one support to help you become a more flexible and effective writer. 由专业写作老师和同行导师组成, 该中心在白天上课和晚上学习期间开放. 不管你是在写学期论文, 创造性写作练习, 或者一篇大学论文, 你可以带着工作被批评.


我们这里讲数学. 欢迎来到数学资源中心, w在这里 you can get help with homework or just talk about cool mathematical concepts with math-maven faculty and students. 该中心每天都有固定的上课时间, 所以你可以预约或者顺便来问问题. The center supports math at all levels, ranging from Algebra 1 to BC Multivariable Calculus.


号召所有理科生! 如果你有作业需要帮助, 额外练习题, 或者只是一个安静的环境来做作业, 欢迎光临科学资源中心, 科学教师和学生导师渴望帮助的地方. 你会发现他们很有耐心, 流利地解释困难的概念, 对所有科学事物都充满热情.


Areté is Williston’s peer academic tutoring 组织 (named for the Greek word meaning excellence). 邀请学术水平较高的大三、大四学生担任导师, and are then matched with peers looking for extra support in the tutors’ area of strength. Areté tutoring is available during the class day, activities periods, and evening study hall hours.


  • 一对一和小组教师会议

    学生 can schedule individual or small-group meetings with teachers outside of class. 老师们通常可以在他们的空闲时间见面, 上学前或放学后, 和/或晚上.

  • 与学术支持人员举行学习策略会议

    All students (with or without testing) can schedule an occasional 15-minute meeting with a member of the 学术 Support staff to get extra help on study skills, 测试准备, 笔记, 组织, 或计划.

  • 学科领域导师

    Any student (with or without testing) who requires subject-area academic support may request a tutor. 这些家庭教师是由家庭支付的, but are vetted by Williston and can work with students on campus or through Zoom during students’ free periods. 家长可以通过联系学术支持主任来申请导师.

  • 学术住宿

    针对有神经心理学或心理教育测试的学生, the 学术支援主任 reviews the documentation and drafts an accommodations document in collaboration with each student’s family. This document is shared with teachers to help provide appropriate educational strategies. 住宿的一些例子是:

    • 提供课堂笔记
    • 分解长期任务
    • 使用计算机进行写作
    • 支持使用或创建轮廓或图形组织者
    • 使用音频文本和其他阅读技术
    • 延长测试时间
    • 减少分心测试环境 
  • 中学学术支持计划

    我们很自豪地提供 学术支持计划 在中学, including proctored study halls and 学术 Strategies Tutorial classes (see below) with 指令 in executive functioning and study skills, as well as a structured program for tutoring sessions and homework completion. 请注意,一些项目有相关费用, 但也有很多免费的选择(包括我们的写作), 数学, 和科学资源中心),中学生可以访问. 如果您对课程有其他问题,请与我们联系 劳拉Vachet,学术支持主任. 

    学术策略教程 is a regularly scheduled class that typically meets three times over the span of each two-week class schedule cycle. 学生 will meet in small groups with an 学术 Support staff member to learn skills and strategies to promote academic success.  学术策略教程 is intended to complement a student’s other classes.  课程可能包括:计划和安排每日作业, strategies for assessment preparation; effective note-taking skills; reading comprehension strategies; and effectively using the School’s resources and technology.  学生 enroll on a per trimester basis and must be registered for this program within two weeks of the start of the term.  要注册AST,请填写项目协议 在这里.

  • 高中学术策略教程

    学生 electing to join the academic strategies class will meet with an 学术 Support instructor in four small-group classes per two-week cycle to receive specific, 有针对性的指导,以建立执行功能技能. 课程主题可能包括:

    • 计划和安排每天的作业
    • Strategies for studying for English, math, science, history, and foreign languages
    • 有效记笔记
    • 阅读理解策略
    • 有效利用皇冠软件下载的资源
    • 使用微软的Surface进行学习
    • 应试策略
    • 论文准备和编辑
    • 时间管理技能和技巧,以提高启动和动力
    • Additional academic guidance, supervision and communication with advisors and teachers

    学生 in the 学术 Strategies Tutorial will receive frequent written feedback on their use of strategies and academic success, 哪些也会与家长和其他老师分享.


  • 学业成功实验室

    In this dedicated study space held during evening study hall, faculty supervise and support students. 针对特定科目的导师也可以在晚上提供. The low teacher-student ratio allows every student to get customized attention and assistance to help them succeed.


  • 教育评估

    If a student experiences academic difficulties which suggest that an educational evaluation is appropriate, 皇冠软件下载可以帮助家长探索这种测试的潜在资源. 学校保留了一份教育推荐名单, 知识, 心理, 或者言语和语言评估, 家长/监护人是否需要与学校协商. 父母 who need guidance in this area are encouraged to consult the 学术支援主任 or Health and Wellness Services.

    Available to any student; fee determined by outside provider

  • 英语语言学习

    为学生过渡到标准的英语课堂, Williston offers a year-long course focused on cultural transition and literary practices in在这里nt to English language learners. 本课程的主要内容有助于提高阅读的特定技能, 写作, 听, 和口语. Placement into ELL for non-native English speakers is determined by a review of previous course work in English and test scores, 以及英语能力倾向测试, 如果有必要的话.

    Williston understands students who are entering a full English immersion experience may appreciate an added level of support as they become more confident and comfortable in their use (command) of the English language. 在最初的过渡时期, AST可以提供额外的支持, 这可能包括回顾老师的期望, 理解文学作品中的英语表达, 教学解码策略, 提供补充阅读材料以补充课堂文本, 并为写作和记笔记创建图形组织.  

    请注意,此计划有相关费用. 如果您对课程有其他问题,请与我们联系 劳拉Vachet,学术支持主任.  

  • 标准化考试准备

    作为大学咨询过程的一部分, Williston helps facilitate on- and off-campus opportunities for juniors who are interested in group test-prep sessions for the ACT and SAT. We work with two school-vetted tutoring groups to offer on-campus 3-session and 6-session workshops, 在校园里全天集训. 校外, 8-week workshops and full-day intensives are also available locally through a Williston-vetted tutor.


  • 返回学习

    在一学年的课程中, 有时学生受伤, 遭受脑震荡或生病. The 学术 Department in conjunction with Health and Wellness Services is 在这里 to support your student during their period of recovery.